Lyin’ Doc 124

Lyin’ Doc 124

Alien Guitarded Quack

And that’s the truth

or maybe not...


9 Not a Chance

1 The creator leaves no chance

5 All to ego do enhance

1 Planning that creation fail

1 That all may repairs hail

5 The child who sick does die

5 No need to inquire why

1 Slaughter of innocents

1 To creator’s will bent

2 Cruel acts to man by man

5 The essence of the plan

1 A feature not a bug

2 That you misery hug




  1. I wrote this in about 15 minutes whilst attending a LIONS District event.

    I wrote the twelve lines and could not continue because the poem was finished.

    Casting about for a chord structure, I looked at a standard blues progression as noted at the bottom of the poem. I discovered that the poem length and the blues progression structure meshed perfectly,

  2. presented for the first time during open mic at Vincent Hill Saloon in Acton CA 2014.01.26 Sunday afternoon